Symfony2 is one of the most popular frameworks in PHP. It is backed up by SensioLabs and a huge community of developers. Symfony2 comes up with a basic set of features to build custom applications so I can follow my creativity to build just about anything.

Symfony2 is one of the main technologies that I use to build custom web applications. It is easy to develop, takes less development time, the system is scalable and flexible to work according to your requirements. I’ve more than 2 years of experience working with Symfony2 . I’m experts in this technology and have built over 3 web applications using it.

Services I offer

  • Maintenance and support of web application built on Symfony2
  • Web application with all the security and optimization technique implemented.
  • Completely customizable and flexible web application

I advise Symfony2 for

  • Complex solutions – next generation technology
  • Highly configurable web application with custom needs
  • Web application with unique business process

Symfony2 Features

  • Symfony2 is fast, reliable and extremely lightweight
  • Fully modular codebase
  • Flexible and easily manageable with MVC based framework
  • Active record database support
  • Effective for applications utilizing multiple platforms
  • Security and XSS filtering
  • User management with role-based access control
  • Easy programming with no restrictive coding rules
  • Simple to debug
  • XML-RPC library
  • Flexible URI routing
  • Form and data validation
  • Session management
  • Data encryption
  • File uploading class
  • Support for hook and class extensions
  • A large library of “bundles” functions
  • Ready to customize admin interface
  • Well-documented
  • Impressive user guide
  • Search engine friendly URLs with flexible routing