I have been working remotely as a PHP programmer since 2009. During this time I have modified, developed and maintained hundreds of PHP websites. As a freelance PHP programmer, I get the opportunity to work on many different types of programming projects. This keeps my job interesting and challenging.

What is PHP?

PHP is a server side scripting language that allows you to dynamically generate web pages. PHP allows you to connect to a database to generate content. PHP allows you to process input from a form. PHP enables you to add an incredible amount of functionality to your website.

What Does a PHP Programmer Do?

As a PHP programmer, I can code something as simple as an email contact form, or create a full website application. I have programmed many custom PHP applications such as  project managers, web services for mobile, eCommerce shopping cart websites. I have modified existing PHP code in numerous custom, open source and commercial applications.

Whether you need a contact form to email you data, or a full website developed, or something in between I can do this for you.


I am a Symfony2/PHP Developer  with a passion for designing and developing bespoke web applications using the Symfony2 PHP framework. I also enjoy setting up and customizing simple websites using Symfony2. The custom applications I tend to develop are specialist content management systems and eCommerce platforms for companies that require functionality that is not readily available in off the shelf packages. I enjoy bespoke work the most as it allows me to be as creative with my code as I can, and, provide systems that match the clients needs exactly rather than customizing a third party solution and ending up with redundant functionality.