I fix code errors and other website problems

I offer services to debug PHP code problems and fix other website errors like database connection problems, email not being sent, page not loading…etc

 Challenges of Fixing Code Bugs

With the years of experience I have building PHP websites, I can solve many bugs quickly. Fixing PHP bugs can be a challenge to though. Most of the time I am contacted to fix programming bugs, it is because the prior programmer is no longer available. I need to familiarize my self with the code, and then find the source of the problem. Some issues I face are:

  • Finding the code on the web server
  • Being able to duplicate the error.
  • Finding the code error logs
  • Reviewing code architecture to understand the prior programmers logic. Most times there is no website documentation.

Some code problems are obvious to an experienced programmer. Others can take a significant amount of time to solve. Because of this, I will not quote a rate up front to fix programming bugs. I will only bill on an hourly basis. (1 hour increments) People contact me, telling me their site is broke, can I fix it? Without knowing specifics, I can’t possibly give a quote or timeline to correct.

 If You Need Code Fixed

When contacting me with a request to fix your website problems, please include the following:

  • URL of the page with the error.
  • If possible, how to duplicate it. (Meaning, data you entered, link you clicked…)
  • Browser you are using
  • Type of error received. (meaning, error message displayed, white screen, no error, but something did not process properly
  • Any recent changes to web code or web server

By supplying me with information like this, it will help me get familiar with the problem quickly. Even still, finding and fixing programming bugs can be a time consuming process.