I’m Mohamed Tair, a Marrakesh – Morocco based freelance web developer. I passionately move pixels and lines of code to craft clean, responsive, and user-friendly, search engines friendly websites. My current weapons of choice are PHP Symfony2, WordPress, Drupal, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3 (SASS/COMPASS) and MySQL… I help clients bring their ideas into reality.

I have been successful as a freelancer, not just because of my web programming skills, but because I am a skilled and dependable web programmer that can be trusted to follow through with my work.

I enjoy working directly with my clients. Even though I seldom meet my clients in person (due to geography), I am able to effectively communicate via email and on the phone to complete website development projects to their specifications.

Contact me today and I would love to hear about your business

Going Freelance

Actually, I work for myself, as Back-end Web developer and Front-end too, and going to freelance was the best decision I have made and it is very exciting for me. This brings me to where I am now and you reading this.

Name: Mohamed Tair
Age: 27
Location: Marrakesh, Morocco
Phone Number / WhatsApp: (+212) 6 01 34 47 15
Experience: +5 Years
Interests: Web, Technology, Philosophy, Reading