You can build a website for free or cheaply through website builder tools included with most larger scale hosting companies or using free templates in the internet created by amateurs. You can build a website with a couple of pages in next to no time with these tools. This will get you a low budget website with some text and images on a page. If you found my site, then you are probably getting beyond this in terms of both looks and functionality and are ready to create a professional website!

Most of the website development I do is accomplished through PHP/mySQL programming (HTML5/CSS3/jQuery/Ajax).

    By building a website with HTML, CSS, PHP, and a database, just about anything is possible. I’m here to transform all your dreams and ideas into interactive experiences in the virtual world!

When building a website, you need to consider the website design and website functionality. The website design is what you see – how the website looks. Website functionality is what a website “does”. My programming skills focus on the website functionality and of website development. You can’t actually see my work, you see it function.

Here are some examples of website functionality that I have coded.

  • Create web forms that can do simple functions like send email and complex web forms that do things like upload files, calculate formulas and/or take payments online
  • Create member registration systems to enable users to log in to access data
  • Build an online store for you to sell products online
  • Optimize your website code so you rank higher in the search engines (SEO)
  • Create a CMS using Symfony2…etc

You need a professional web designer? I work along side web designers to build website functionality into their design. I will work with your web designer, or if you do not have one, I can recommend colleagues that I have partnered with.

Development Solutions

  • Custom web application
  • Open source CMS and e-commerce solutions
  • Proprietary CMS and e-commerce solutions
  • Web service and API implementation
  • Static website using HTML5/CSS3/jQuery
  • Newsletter integration

Code is my bread & butter

I build custom or open source websites. Regardless of size, my solutions are consistent, in the quality and robustness of my web development, the security, the speed and the extensibility.

I’m expert web developer and I’ve methodologies to make the difference to a website – especially in the performance, browser and device compatibility and extensibility of the software in the long-term.

My technology tools are world class

I’m a professional programmer  in various ranges of open-source content management system (CMS) such as WordPress, Drupal and PrestaShop. All of these open-source CMS are used by world renowned brands.

I’ve done a thorough research on these tools regarding their security, enhancements and functionality. If you are looking for custom web development solution, than i’m also experts in utilizing Symfony2 platform. This frameworks is free!