Professional Website Development using HTML5, CSS3, Responsive design, WordPress, Drupal, Symfony2, custom PHP programming / mySQL and more!

Senior Back-End & Front-End Web Developer

Hello, I'm Mohamed. I am a web developer lives in Marrakesh, Morocco. I am passionate about what I do. I love transforming people's ideas and brands into interactive experiences.

I am a senior web web developer offering website development services that include full website development, WordPress development websites, Drupal development websites, Symfony2 development websites, custom PHP programming, web hosting services, SEO services, PSD TO HTML, valid and semantic HTML5, CSS3, responsive design and more. Hire a skilled professional web developer and get it done right.

Why choose me?

+5 Years of experience

As a professional programmer I've known for a long while that great websites take vision, creativity and lots and lots of hard work.

Reliable and fast service

I'll work with you to perfect every detail, adjusting and tweaking your site until you are 100% happy.

Professional Website Design

A big web design package for your ideas, for your business! Unique website design every time at affordable prices.

What i do?

Website Development

I can provide a variety of web development services for your website. Depending on your needs, I can custom code your website, modify open source solutions or help integrate a commercial application that will best fit your project scope.

Great websites are defined in the details and I make the small things unforgettable. I develop for anything that has a screen, being responsive is not optional. Once the site is live, you will be able to change and update your content through easy to use CMS’s.

Web Design

It’s easy to have a website these days. There are so many online website makers out there, but that doesn’t mean anybody can design a website. Knowing where to put images, what kind of pages you need to have, what kind of fields your inquiry form should have are just few things you need to think about when putting together your website.

I’ll offer to you a fine balance between aesthetics and usability. The first impression counts, and the user experience has to back it up. Your site must draw your customer in, wow them, and make them stay. I strive to find the sweet spot on every project.

CMS Customization

I focus on the newest web technologies for each project, CMS (Content System Manager) is nothing but managing your web site content and publishing without the help of a designer or a programmer. currently I offer WordPress site development & Drupal site Development, Create/Modify Theme, Plugin and Customize these to client’s needs.

Organic SEO

That’s short for Search Engine Optimization. The first question people ask when we talk about SEO is ‘How can I be top of Google for my keywords…’ well the truth is, there is no magic formula to make this happen, all good freelance web designers know this.

But, I happen to be very well educated in SEO, so I ensure that your title tags, heading tags and keywords are all in perfect working order, which will give you the very best chance to get to that coveted position in Google or any of the other search engines.

PHP Programming ( Symfony2 )

Most of the software development I do is accomplished with PHP programming and MySQL databases or using Symfony2 as framework.

I have completed hundreds of web development projects of various sizes programmed in PHP. By building a website with HTML, CSS (SASS/COMPASS) and PHP & MySQL, just about any functionality is possible.

Code Debugging

I offer services to debug PHP code problems and fix other website errors too. I have worked on literally hundreds of website projects. There is no class, no book to read on fixing bugs. Being able to fix code bugs just comes with experience.

E-Commerce / Online Stores

I deliver cost effective e-commerce solutions to start or revamp your online business. I’m experts in e-commerce technology such as Prestashop, Drupal E-Commerce and WordPress E-Commerce.

I aim to always truly understand your business and what you are trying to achieve, as I believe that by fully understanding both your company and your sector, I’ll be able to deliver an e-commerce website that is also a full digital experience. Being a well practiced freelance web designer, I know that your e-commerce site should be the industry standard for all of your competition to live up to. And they won’t!

Website Maintenance

I offer my website development services on an as needed basis. This is perfect for small companies that do not need a full time in house programmer. If you need small scale ongoing monthly website maintenance, I can support your needs in this capacity.

Web Consulting

Many people contact me stating that need a website have no idea of what they need beyond “I need a website“.

I provide website consulting to answer your questions about building a website.

Professional Website Development Services including: HTML5, CSS3, Responsive design, WordPress, Drupal, Symfony2, custom PHP programming / mySQL, building new websites, SEO services, website updates and more!

Be confident that you will get the best web programming services from an experienced and dependable web programmer.

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Do you need a professional web programmer? I am a Moroccan web developer, located on Marrakesh. I have plus than 5 years experience web programming, building database driven websites with PHP, Symfony2 framework, WordPress, Drupal and PHP/MySQL . I am independent web developer, available for hire as a freelancer for custom PHP programming, new website development, website maintenance, SEO or any other kind of website development project you may have. You can read about all of the web development services I offer here.

What I Do? Many clients I come in contact with have previously hired a web developer to build a web site for them. They come to me frustrated because deadlines are missed, or code doesn't do what it is supposed to do. Many times the web developer has disappeared and they are looking to me for help fix the problems. Does this sound like issues that you are having?

You can review my web developer portfolio to see the types of website projects I have built (Some examples). I have it broken down by projects including custom PHP programming, WordPress development, Drupal development and eCommerce website development.

Most of the work I do focuses on custom content management websites, Drupal website, WordPress website, custom website applications and online stores.

Fill out my website quote request form to get an estimate of what it will cost to build your website. There is no 'set rate' to estimate what your website development will cost without having details and specifics of your project. It is important for you think through your project before contacting me.

The more information you can give me about the features you will need, the better estimate I can give you. If new features are added, and modifications made throughout a project, the cost of the job will increase.